Press conference to reduce racism, antisemitism and xenophobia

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Press conference to reduce racism, antisemitism and xenophobia

Organising a school level press conference on fighting racism, antisemitism and xenophobia
Proposal for use
Action and reaction in case of radicalisation
Target group
Age 15-18, parents
Pedagogical method
  • Exchange of opinions in groups for a better understanding of others.
  • Enhanced knowledge about migration issues, migrants as social community members, involvement of migrant students into classes, confrontation of different opinions (discussion) with moderation, inclusion of listeners and promoting tolerance in general.
  • Learn about stereotypes from practical situations and challenge them with examples.

How do we organize a press conference?

The school principal dealing with a specific situation or event in the school decides to organize a press conference for local and national media as a response to difficulties encountered when enrolling students from migrant families.

First, the principal informs the teachers and all school workers so that they are united on this topic. He explains why he wants to organise a press conference (general purposes, specific problems...).

How do I involve learners?

Learners and parents are all invited to the press conference – it is not only for the media, but also for the attendees and their families. In this way the event will be disseminated much further and deeper rather than just being organized as an event for public media. The principal can also invite some of the students and their parents to speak at the conference and present their views and expectations regarding inclusion and tolerance issues.

How do we prepare the content?

The moderator invites speakers to the stage and sets the order of questions from the media. The organizing school can prepare a leaflet on the subject of tolerance and acceptance of others before the event and announce its determination to exercise both. The leaflet is then distributed before and after the press conference.

How do we run it?

  • welcome – moderator
  • introduction – invited teacher presents the overall position of the school in relation to xenophobia and racism
  • principal – key speaker and main aspects of the problem
  • questions from the media
  • invited speakers: parent and student, presenting their views
  • questions from the media
  • wrap-up - moderator

How do we exploit it?

When organizing a public event we must bear in mind that we want to disseminate it as much as possible to get the widest attention of the interested public. If we invite only local media, the effect wil not be as successful as it could be, if it is done on a national or even international level. The media coverage and also the internal partnership network of schools can help us reach a wider audience. Next to that, we should use our own resources to spread the word around – after annoucements in the local/national media, we can push the information through FB, Twitter or LinkedIN channels. Solid support on behalf of other (not directly involved) schools is also of great importance because it shows unification and zero tolerance towards racism and xenophobia.

Human and material resources

School principal, teachers in secondary schools, adult educators, trainers with a background in the humanities, local political bodies, experts on political issues, geo-politicians, local volunteers.

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Press Conference
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